AiDU.TV is a digital media platform established by the team behind Shambala Festival and Kambe Events.

The Brief

AiDU.TV (Adventures In Digital Utopia) is a digital platform on a mission to support the arts, promote environmental causes and strengthen communities. It is a positive platform. A platform of possibilities. A platform exploring a better future.

AiDU is a digital media platform established by the team behind Shambala Festival and Kambe Events. It was set up as a reaction to the devastation that the Covid 19 Pandemic caused across the music industry.

We set out to produce a series of engaging and informative shows focusing on presenting excellent music alongside other art forms. More than just simple streams; we aimed to create wonderfully produced shows that also included in-depth interviews, animation and also poetry.

The Process

Without the talent, time and belief of the following people and organisations none of this project would have been possible:

The Jam Jar: The Jam Jar is a much loved independent live music venue and community arts space in the heart of Bristol.  During the Covid-19 lockdowns, we worked together to repurpose the space into a fully functioning live film studio which was safely operable with strict adherence to social distancing and safety guidelines.

Trago Studio: An incredibly accomplished film studio, who brought their full talent and energy to AiDU looking after the cameras and editing.

JMcAudio: Jack from JMc Audio is a talented sound engineer and production manager who has toured the world with the likes of Nick Mulvey, Lily Allen and Miles Kane. He has, among many other roles, managed all the audio for this project.

Elliot Jenkins: Elliot is an Emmy winning film producer and came on board to set us up and teach us how to produce TV! Without Elliot’s assistance, we would be in big trouble!

Special thanks also is due to the following for everything from advice to the loan of equipment:


The Result

AiDU featured stellar performances from the likes of Snazzback, Sona Jobarteh, Binbag Wisdom, Rachael Dadd, Talisman, Solomon OB and many, many more. Each show is still available to watch back on the AiDU website, here.

The platform invited donations from viewers and across 2020, we raised much needed funds to provide invaluable support for all the artists while all their revenues through live performance came to an abrupt end.