The Kambe Foundation

The Kambe Foundation has been established by the team behind Kambe Events, the company that produces and delivers Shambala Festival, Starry Skies and numerous other schemes and projects that are philanthropic and charitable at their core.

The Kambe Foundation is a Company Limited by Guarantee and will be registering as a Charity in due course. In the meantime, it will operate as a not-for-profit and will, on an annual basis, publish its accounts alongside a report on the impacts from its activities.

Although catalysed by, and currently focussing on, the devastation that the coronavirus crisis inflicted upon the music industry, The Kambe Foundation has larger ambition and purpose. In the longer term, The Kambe Foundation will focus on activities that develop and promote three areas dear to us and how they can be mutually supportive.


Supporting and nurturing the creative arts at a grass roots level


Community resilience and empowerment


Protecting and regenerating the environment

AiDU (Adventures in Digital Utopia)

The Kambe Foundation’s first project is a digital media platform designed to

  • showcase talent
  • build new audiences for artists
  • provide revenue for participating artist and producers
  • raise vital funds for the grassroots music industry that has been devastated by the coronavirus
  • present content that highlights and explores key issues regarding the arts, community and the environment