Running successful and safe events requires considerable expertise, experience and up to date industry knowledge. We apply the ‘Kambe Way’ process to all our projects, however large or small, to ensure the quality is consistent across our portfolio.


Our sustainable event initiatives are industry-leading. For nearly two decades, we have pioneered policies to minimise environmental impact from our events. We also conduct research in conjunction with universities, and share our results so other event managers can help reduce their impact too. You’ll find our Environmental Policy here.


Research and development is a vital phase of any event. We always do our homework: we research and analyse the market, its potential users and consumers, incumbent brands and competitors. We identify niches and unique selling points to make our events stand out from the rest.


Planning is key. We carefully liaise with all concerned statutory bodies and produce the necessary documentation needed for a safe event. We make sure that all parties are connected and informed at every stage from conception right through to post event analysis.


We exercise a thorough and meticulous approach to event planning and logistics, using only trusted suppliers. We expect the best service, equipment and H&S working practices from our supply chains.


Kambe employs a comprehensive event team that are integral to all our projects, so clients will always have direct access to decision makers. To compliment our team we work with the most competent freelancers in the industry with proven track records.


Working closely with software developers, we have co-designed a powerful event management software system that gives us complete control over crew, contractor and talent communication, financial budgeting, and collating key event documentation.


We strive to be the best at what we do. We rigorously analyse our methodology, processes and working practices, conduct thorough debriefs and expect all our key partners to do so to, which we then disseminate to all key stakeholders for discussion post event.