The Brief

Travel emissions make up the majority of an event’s impact.

From the audience members, to crew and artists through to the suppliers, there is a real need to try to balance the emissions with positive, ecologically conscious projects whilst the world transitions to cleaner transportation systems. 

The Process

  • We imposed a small, obligatory fee on those purchasing car or campervan passes for the festival (£1 for a car, £3 for a campervan)
  • In 2016 we surveyed our audience about what to do with these  ‘carbon offset donations’ donations.
  • They voted we create an independent charity, and so we birthed ecolibrium in partnership with a few other friendly festivals – to tackle the festival industry’s travel emissions.

The Result

  • Ecolibrium has  worked with over 100 festivals to implement more sustainable travel planning, whilst balancing the equivalent of 19 million travel miles.
  • It has made investments in projects: planting over 40,000 trees investing in 10 renewable energy projects and protecting 12,000 acres of rainforest.
  • Kambe balances 100% of emissions from the festival operations and crew travel by investing in projects which quantifiably avoid or reduce carbon.
  • You can see our third party environmental assessment here, which shows our footprint for 2019.