Event Production

Our team have a wealth of production expertise with over 50 festivals under the belt, from UK summer music festivals to urban open access events with up to 180,000 attendees. We are therefore able to provide guidance and assistance in the production of your event. We can step in as production partners at any level of your project’s development and cover the areas that need support.

Kambe Events are used to running multi-agency event control rooms. Between our team we have an excellent relationship with all enforcing authorities involved in the event management process. We keep up to date with all aspects of the events industry by producing our own successful flagship events and by managing a diverse portfolio of work. We have an exceptional history of working closely, openly and honestly with our clients to deliver their vision and strategic ambitions.

“Kambe have become an invaluable partner and we wouldn't have been able to produce the festival without them. Their specialist knowledge of the events industry is second to none and together we have reached our goals in marketing, production and sustainability.”

Tom Hyland, Director, Swingamajig

Case Study - Swingamajig

Swingamajig festival is a one-day urban festival that’s all about electro swing, burlesque and vintage sounds. Kambe joined Swingamajig as production partner in 2014, the second year of the festival when it double in size. Our team played a key role in developing the event manual, management plan, and procedures. We have taken on the licensing process and negotiating with stakeholders, all of which improved significantly. Currently Swingamajig has strong relationships with both local authorities and local businesses, and venues in Birmingham.

Sustainability is another major aspect that Kambe has made considerable improvements in. The topic has been important to Swingamajig from the very start but they had limited contacts in the field. Our team was able to link Swingamajig to the right contractors, which opened new opportunities for the event. We have also introduced monitoring and collecting data at the festival, which enables us to improve the carbon footprint year on year.

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