The Event

In the Summer of 2021, the government lifted some of the restrictions on mass gatherings, meaning, whilst a full scale (15,000 capacity) Shambala would still not be possible, events of up to 5,000 people were now a possibility.

..and thus, Shambino was born! A dinky and gorgeous distillation of all that makes Shambala magic, all put together (from concept creation to opening our gates) in just a handful of weeks.

Shambino was a triumph – small but perfectly formed festival event with all the soul of the main event.

An array of delicious-ness including; live music, talks, workshops, poetry, art installations, the Shambala carnival, dance classes, circus and performance – hosted in some of Shambala’s most iconic main venues, from Chai Wallahs to The Enchanted Woods, Barrio, The Roots Yard, Playtopia, Sankofa’s, The Healing Meadow and Police Rave Unit – plus more surprises and takeovers from our beloved smaller Sham venues.



Event info

  • Capacity: 5,000
  • Location: Northamptonshire

This festival did so much to boost and encourage the sense of love and community - I've truly never seen anything like it and my heart is full!

Shambino attendee