The Brief

Powerful Thinking is a UK think-do tank tackling energy sustainability in the outdoor events sector.

Kambe Events co-founded the group in 2010 with several key industry partners including Julies Bicycle, Festival Republic, Bestival and the Association of Festival Organisers in recognition that wasteful energy practices needed to be challenged, and in response to festivals asking for more information about how to use alternative technologies and manage their power.

The group aims to change the way we power festivals and reduce the carbon footprint associated with energy at events.

The Process

The steering group now has representation from over 300 festivals and key industry organisations from all stakeholder groups.

Powerful Thinking has published joint research with UK Universities and produced The Power Behind Festivals; A Guide to Sustainable Power at Outdoor Events (2012), authored by Kambe’s Chris Johnson.

Free resources, advise and case studies are available from the website and the group is working across industry and the media to raise the profile of the issue and provide tools and advise to facilitate change.

The Result

The Powerful Thinking group has a uniquely broad industry representation on the steering group and has generated several significant pieces of research and a widely respected industry guide.
The campaign brand has been established in the industry and various partnerships developed with high profile organisations which enable engagement with the target constituencies.

Download The Power Behind Festivals