Traders Management

Trader management can be tricky sometimes especially for large-scale events and even more so if you’re planning to add sustainability into the equation. We are able to provide support managing traders, drafting up sustainability policies and engaging traders with those.

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“Going to the trader’s workshop at Kambe events was a real eye opener, it was great to get the feedback from the event on what we’re doing, as well as being able to talk to the organisers face to face and have them listen to our feedback.  We all want to do the right thing when it comes to the environment and the environmental impact of food is huge so to have an event support us and encourage us to be more sustainable is great. It was great as well to meet the other traders, as usually we can be too busy to do this, a great place to share ideas about how to do things. Overall it was a great day with great content, I’d definitely go again”

Chris Newton, Pizza Love

Case Study - Shambala

Shambala being at the forefront of sustainable festivals relies on partners, contractors, traders, crew and public to help with their environmental performance. It is an on-going conversation with all stakeholders but our team felt that requirements for food traders at the festival have risen significantly in the last few years and they wanted to engage with them on a more personal level. Food traders have to adapt to each festival’s needs over the season and we wanted to acknowledge and thank them for their co-operation, as well as to share our passion for sustainability with them.

We organised a daylong workshop for our food traders focusing on sustainability requirements, our ambitions and aspirations, and gathering feedback from traders. The workshop also covered topics like social media presence and energy efficiency, and we wanted to encourage attendants to network and share their ideas to help Shambala operate more efficiently. We have addressed audiences’ feedback regarding the festival being fish and meat free last year and brainstormed how to make it better this year. The day was a success and gave traders a chance to meet Shambala family face to face as well as share their ideas and feedback.

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